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Wildlife Trapping and Exclusion Services

We are experts at trapping, removing and excluding nuissance wildlife. Our methods are humane, professional and very effective. Palm Pest provides service for the following:


Bats are a protected species and must be handled with care. We will allow the bats to leave your structure and relocate by installing devices that allow them to leave but not re-enter. We will utilize exclusion techniques to keep them out, remove bat guano (droppings), which is very hazardous to your health and disinfect the areas. A long-term GUARANTEE is offered with our services.

Skunks, Groundhogs, Raccoons and Squirrels

These guys are all cute on TV and in the wild, but get ’em in your home and it’s a different story. We will live trap them, remove them and, if possible, figure out how they entered and seal those entry points. At times, the installation of a chimney cap is recommended, which is also a service we provide.


Each bird situation is unique. We can help with a single nest or more extensive roosting and nesting problems. We are experienced at installing netting, dryer vent covers, bird point and other exclusion services for long-term relief and our work is guaranteed.

Moles and Voles

They sound similar, they look similar, but they are very different and getting rid of them relies on proper identification. We can tell the difference and get rid of whichever damaging creature is invading your property. Guaranteed Results.


We offer a couple different options for snakes. We can remove a single snake if that’s your situation or provide an ongoing service that involves sealing them out, applying repellents and placing “snake traps” for ongoing relief.